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About Us

Our Background

AM Cedar is a small business with a big reach. For over 30 years we have produced and distributed quality cedar products - continuously meeting and exceeding the needs of customers all across North America.

Based near Nelson, BC we are surrounded by thousands of acres of natural forest, interspersed with high mountains and vast glacier fed lakes.


We are reminded daily of the natural beauty of timber, the importance of sustainable forestry practices and the historical and future value this valuable resource has for our local and national economy. We are proud to say, a majority of cedar we supply is from dead, dying and down trees (trees fallen from natural causes). 

At our own Blewett location we provide lumber, shakes and shingles to supply local merchants and private customers. We also have the ability to provide special orders for custom shakes. 

Why Source Cedar Products Via AM Cedar?

•    Personalized approach
•    Contract negotiation
•    Impartial sourcing and advice   
•    Guaranteed quality
•    Logistics and delivery
•    One stop access to best of BC Cedar

•    Risk reduction

why source?

Meet our CEO Mike. He knows cedar – plain and simple.  His decades of experience and no nonsense, hands on approach means he'll be happy to overcome any sourcing challenges you encounter in your quest for quality cedar roofing and wall-cladding materials. 

Personalized Approach
Cedar and lumber professional

We have the buying power, expertise and sufficient respect to allow us access to some of the best mills in the industry.

We negotiate for you and drive a hard but fair bargain – to our customer’s benefit - and we have the technical knowledge, relationships and experience to seal the best deal.

Contract Negotiation
Impartial Sourcing

Our impartiality means we’re not tied in to any one supplier, so we can bulk source for your business, without showing bias to one mill’s product over another…the result – best balance of quality available for the best value – every time, all year round. 

The premium grade cedar shake and shingles we supply are all under warranty, giving you the reassurance that (with correct care, and installation) your cedar products may be guaranteed for up to 50 years

Quality... Guaranteed 

Allow us to manage the logistics of sourcing, transportation and storage, and every aspect of getting cedar shakes, shingles or blocks from the forest or mill to your delivery address.  

Logistics and Delivery
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