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Used Plant & Equipment  for Sale

8’3 Arm Hydraulic Tilt Hoist with 3 chain 11' infeed with drive and hydraulic power pack


Moulder Infeed Transfer Deck, comes with 6' 2" chain UHMW tranfer, 12'2" chain UHMW lined transfer with roll infeed 7.5" x 17' sticker recovery belt conveyor with drives


Push Button Control Panel and foot pedals


Wadkin Moulder


Moulder Outfeed - comes with 12" x 30' belt conveyor with Olsen 3 chain 6' UHMW cross transfer , roll ripsaw infeed roll case with 6 roll eject roll case


All electrical for Moulder and drives listed above


Wadkin MV 539 Grinder


MDI Metal Detector


Precision 48" side in, top out chipper with 100hp RPM drive


Precision 5' x 5' chip screen (shaker screen)


5' Cyclone Stand-Mounted


Assortment of Moulder/Planer heads

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Large quantity of steel stairs, floor decks and miscellaneous steel.

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Assortment of various Teck cables, aluminum ladder for electrical etc

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Please contact us if you are looking to buy any of the following second-hand items..

Comminutor Mill 
Used lumber mill
Brush chipper
Log loader 
Pellet mill
Log profiling machine
Drum debarker
Chip conveyor
Saw edger
Grinder mill
Hammer mill

Circular sawmill

Used Mill Equipment
Portable saw mill
Saw mill
Packing machine
Portable lumber mill
Used sawmill equipment for sale
Log mill
Logging equipment
Lucas mill

As we replace older machinery in our sawmill and lumber yard, we will occasionally list forestry and wood processing / lumber milling equipment for sale on this page.


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